OESPA Reaches Agreement with OCPS to protect classified staff

UPDATE: (12/17/2020):
OESPA and the School Board of Orange County, Florida have reached an agreement to extend the MOU that was set to expire on December 31, 2020.
UPDATE (4/30/2020):

OESPA has been in communication with the District this afternoon regarding working conditions. They have expressed their commitment to follow the CDC guidelines (high risk individuals staying home, those who can telework being allowed to, and social distancing measures are examples).

The Governor’s most recent order left a great deal of discretion to local governments. Orange County Mayor Demings has not announced his plan as of yet. It could be stricter than the Governor’s order or it could mirror it. Until such plan is announced, we are in a holding pattern.

Important Notes:

If you are a high risk person who has not already been approved to stay home- you should submit that request immediately.

We have made the District aware that finding childcare for Monday will be a challenge for many. They are sensitive to that.

Members who have questions please contact oespa.atty@floridaea.org or orangeoespa@gmail.com

OESPA and OCPS have reached a subsequent agreement to address Florida’s Stay-At-Home Order and other working conditions. You can read it HERE
Due to the Stay-At-Home Order issued for Orange County, OCPS classified employees are not required to report to work (or work from home) until the lifting of the Order. Stay tuned for volunteer opportunities.
-OESPA Staff March 25, 2020 4:19PM EST

After hours of negotiations and in order to protect classified employees and the community at large, The District has agreed to offer paid leave to any classified employee during the period beginning on March 23, 2020, and ending on June 30, 2020 who is unable to work (or telework) due to:
  • Symptoms of acute respiratory illness
  • Are “High Risk” under the guidance of the CDC
  • Serve as primary caregiver of 3rd parties who would be considered “High Risk”
  • Are returning from international travel or cruises or have been exposed to a person with a documented positive testing for COVID-19
For those ten month employees that do not fall into that category, you will receive full pay but are only required to work four hours per day. The return date is March 23, 2020.
NOTE: The District agrees to meet all safety measures as defined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention including, but not limited to, the gathering of groups of employees greater than ten (10) and maintaining the recommended “social distancing” standard of six (6) feet between individuals.
The District and OESPA will meet between Monday March 23, 2020 and Friday March 27, 2020 to review which jobs could be done remotely.
Especially important, in the event that a Stay at Home order be issued, the District agrees employees will not be required to report to work and will be paid through the duration of the Order.
On a personal note..
Like so many of you, I take pride in working everyday for our children (I was a custodian before I was elected OESPA President). For so long we have been on the frontline of supporting our future generation. We feed them. We transport them. We keep them safe. We keep their schools clean. We are the backbone of Orange County Public Schools.
Right now our community needs us. If you are able to work, please do so knowing that in this time of national crisis you are there for your community and did your part to make sure our children are looked after. It is the honor of my life to represent my fellow classified employees. History will look down upon us kindly. 
In solidarity,
Ronald Pollard
OESPA President
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